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Now you can use advanced VoIP technology in TSG-6 on-hook secure applications. Certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS), Teo TSG-6 on-hook secure IP phones are available for deployment in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) and SAPF (Special Access Program Facility) secure areas. Teo TSG-6 IP phones are designed to work with all VoIP platforms that support industry-standard SIP protocol.

Teo TSG-6 IP phones meet the stringent requirements specified in the CNSS (Committee on National Security Systems) Instruction No. 5000 and 5001, and have been tested for compliance and approved by the National Telecommunications Security Working Group. TSG-6 Class A versions are not dependent on any other equipment for on-hook security, and may be used in standalone applications within a secure area. The Class B version must be connected to an Ethernet switch collocated within the SCIF. To meet TSG requirements, special positive-disconnect circuitry and ultra low-emissions technology ensures that no microphonic audio signals are produced on any wires leaving the phone when it’s on-hook. Options are available for TSG-6 Class A or Class B applications; 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) or local power; and switched Ethernet port for PC connection.

Product Features

•Positive metallic disconnect ensures on hook audio security
• IETF RFC 3261 compliant SIP
• 10 programmable line or feature keys
• Optional 30-button Expansion Module
• Optional 802.3af Power over Ethernet or
local power
• Optional switched Ethernet port for PC
• High resolution 320 x 240 pixel display

• Desk or wall mount applications
• Dedicated headset port with headset
control key
• Mass provisioning capabilities
• HTTPS secure provisioning
• Digitally signed tamper-proof firmware
• MLPP (Multilevel Precedence and

• Department of Defense Approved
Products List (APL) Certified
• Assured Services SIP End Instrument
• IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack
• AES-128 secure RTP voice encryption
• Secure TLS signaling encryption
• CNSS 5001 compliant
• Made in USA

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