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Solutions We Offer

• VoIP/Cloud based Solutions
• Business Telephone Systems
• Voicemail to Email/Text and Call Center Options
• Message-on-Hold systems
• Desktop Integration/Mobile Applications
• Voice and Data Cabling
• Local and Long-Distance Services, Broadband Internet & Fiber connections, T1 and PRI; SIP Trunks and Cloud-based Unified Communications.

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On Premise PBX

A premises-based solution is one in which the hardware is kept on-site in your server closet. They have the ability to support VOIP (Voice over IP), digital solutions or analog desk phones as well as VoIP, digital or analog “trunks” (lines) . During our discovery process our sales team will educate you yourself on the benefits and potential challenges that come with using either a premises-based or cloud phone system which will help you make a good decision to ensure your business needs are met and you get the greatest value for your investment.

Phones From Above

Hosted PBX (phone system) is another way of describing phones in the cloud. On a cloud phone system, your phones connect through your Internet connection to one of our trusted partners that maintains the equipment at an off-site “cloud” data center.

Like with the premise based solution, our sales team will take the time, during the discovery process, to educate you on the benefits and challenges of owning a cloud-based phone system. They will compare systems, and help you make the best decision for your business. This will ensure you get the greatest value for your technology investment.

Delivering Communication

Over the years how phone lines are delivered has evolved. While some methods have remained others have come into play.

SIP is the next generation incoming phone service that allows you to talk and transmit conversations across high-speed internet connections. With SIP Trunks you can consolidate all your communication systems, including data and voice into a single line and one bill.

PRI/T1 – consists of 24 channels. A PRI utilizes 23 of these channels to carry the voice calls and 1 channel for signaling, between a PBX and the voice network.

Analog Lines – Also refered to as POTS (Plain Old Telelphone Service) With these lines one phone number is associated with one line . One line can handle one conversation at a time; when the line is in use, a busy signal is heard

More Than Just Phone Calls

While telecommunications is what Telelink was founded on, but over the years the tech space has become an ever changing environment. Telelink has kept pace and is able to offer IT solutions that can integrate your small business’ network and telecom products.In addition to traditional business telephone solutions, we offer modems, firewalls/routers configured and installed, switches, cabling and network peripherals, to name a few.

Trusted Partners

We have partnered with leaders in the industry. We are Certified Resellers for Avaya, ESI, and Nextiva and use nothing but the highest quality equipment for your installation.